Vivianne Hamilton is a floral designer and sculpture artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. After years of working in the fashion industry as a model and public relations associate, she moved into a field that fulfills her internal creativity and passion for working with her hands. 

Vivianne’s floral designs can vary from whimsical natural movements to exaggerated gestural pieces. She prefers to work with in-season locally grown flowers, however, this isn’t always as possible as preferred. Vivianne has experience of volunteering on an organic regenerative farm and understands the need for a cultural shift for a more natural process when it comes to perishables including flowers. 

Vivianne’s art is inspired by her friend’s love of feet and her love of nail art and designs. Some sculptures are smooth and “normal” while others have excessive elements. She also creates hands, busts, and whatever may strike her. 

Overall, Vivianne’s purpose is to create and translate inspiration from nature, friends, and pop culture. She is available for freelance and custom pieces.